Let us oversee your vaccine purchasing and temperature monitoring.

See The Benefits This includes our new SMART refrigerator, best injectable drug pricing and order placement, 24/7 support, temperature monitoring and calibration, email/text alerts, and physician web portal

Much More Than Medical-Grade Refrigeration

From inventory selection to priority pricing and EMR integration—see for yourself how MinibarRx can transform how you purchase, stock, and manage your vaccines and biologics.

Cost Effective

  • No upfront costs
  • Preferred pricing and payment terms for injectables
  • Monthly subscription plans


  • 24/7 temperature monitoring and tracking
  • Manage your inventory from anywhere
  • Sync lot numbers with your EMR


  • Stock only the inventory you need
  • Organized by type and brand
  • Minimize loss due to mishandling of inventory

MinibarRx connects best-priced injectables to accurate inventory and better patient outcomes.

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Doctor Image

“I never have to worry about anything! MinibarRx monitors and updates our vaccine inventory, and I always know we are getting our vaccine stock at the best prices and payment terms.”

—Dr. Abdow, Pediatrician

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