3 New Technologies to Improve Productivity at Your Practice

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If you work at a medical practice, you know that there’s nothing more valuable—or difficult to find—than time. Between billing, managing inventory, maintaining health records, and overseeing daily operations, it can feel like there’s little time to spend actually caring for patients. And the data proves it. A study published in the Wall Street Journal shows that hospital nurses spend less than 16% of their time in direct patient care. As for the remaining 84%, this time is spent tracking supplies and medications, obtaining test results, and filling out paperwork. Similarly, in the Physicians Foundation 2016 Biennial survey, only 14% of physicians reported having the time they need to provide the highest standards of care.

This is a problem. At medical practices across the country, administrative tasks are causing operational inefficiencies and preventing patients from receiving maximum face time with physicians and staff. Thankfully, emerging technologies have the potential to change the medical landscape. By streamlining various processes, you can save time and make your practice more productive. Here’s how:


  • Automate your most tedious tasks with a Practice Management System. New Practice Management Systems include more than billing and accounting features. They also have the ability to: schedule appointments, send text reminders to patients, verify insurance and eligibility, collect copays, generate administrative reports, and more. Because of new and improved Practice Management Systems, daily operations are becoming less time-consuming than ever before.


  • Prevent missing information with digital card scanners. Gone are the days of manually entering a patient’s information. Digital card scanners take copies of both sides of drivers’ licenses and insurance cards in one quick pass. The information is then added to the patient’s medical record with minimal risk for error. Card scanners are compact, relatively inexpensive, and eliminate the need to track down missing patient data.


  • Transform your vaccination program with an Inventory Management System. Vaccines can be expensive, difficult to store properly, and require constant monitoring. Until now, staff must take valuable time away from patient care to order, restock, and return expired products or recalled vaccines. But that’s all changing thanks to inventory management systems that integrate with today’s most robust HER solutions.


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