What are the key features in a MinibarRx, not found in my refrigerator?
The following key features make the MinibarRx a unique solution:

  • Automated ordering-system – replaces manual inventory tasks such as determining what to order, and placing orders
  • Both Temperatures & Inventory are automatically monitored and reported 24/7
  • Inventory is maintained at an as-needed level, with free next day delivery on all orders, you can reduce dollars tied up in inventory
  • Sustained product quality- store injectables at proper temperatures, and protected from light
  • Optional EMR integration – connect directly to your patient records and ensure all vaccines are recorded and billed properly
  • CDC compliant device, manufacturer maintains device and the annual calibration service

How does a MinibarRx fit into my practice?
All injectable brands are available in a customized configuration for each office. There is no change to an office’s work-flow, effectively eliminating work in a non disruptive manner. MinibarRx has a simple turn-key operation, with no upfront costs.

Who owns the injectables?
The physician always takes possession for the drugs. MinibarRx assists the physician by ordering and practice staff receives, stocks, and places product into the inventory system.

Who is re-stocking the machine?
Key staff members of the practice can restock the refrigerator. MinibarRx provides a free 30-minute training.

What if my power goes out?
MinibarRx staff will be alerted to a power outage along with your designated staff person via email and/or a phone call. It is always the physician’s responsibility to maintain backup power for office equipment, and MinibarRX is no exception. MinibarRx does, however, resell UPS backup systems for a small monthly fee, but does not warranty or service that equipment. During a power outage, the MinibarRx portal maintains connectivity to the refrigerator for 12 hours and monitors the temperature of the contents during that time.

What if my staff leave employment and still have access to the refrigerator?
Staff PIN codes can be easily changed within the always-on physician portal.

What time will vaccines arrive at the office?
Deliveries will arrive before 10:30 A.M., but times may vary due to unforeseen weather/traffic issues.

How do I know that my temperatures are being logged twice a day as per federal requirements?
MinibarRx senses temperature readings thousands of times a day, with 144 documented temperatures daily. These readings are stored for seven years, and are always viewable within the physician portal and exportable via convenient reports.

Where are my drugs coming from? And which GPO contract prices will be used?
Only products purchased through the MinibarRx portal can be placed into the MinibarRx refrigerator. MinibarRx has negotiated industry-leading prices and terms from select wholesaler/suppliers that service physicians nationally. (For example, 10:30 a.m. delivery is a requirement.) MinibarRx has also negotiated with a small number of GPOs that will offer MinibarRx special contract rates and products, through which all purchases must be made. If you are not part of one of the affiliated GPOs, MinibarRx will facilitate getting you signed up in a matter of days.

Can I advertise that I have installed a MinbarRx?
YES! As part of your Welcome Kit, we have provided you with a printable poster that can be displayed proudly in your office.

When do I have to pay for my drug purchases?
MinibarRx has negotiated extended terms for payment from affiliated suppliers. It is recommended that all bills be paid within those extended terms in order to minimize the acquisition costs. MinibarRx also offers an optional “Inventory Financing Service” in which physicians can forgo the early-pay discount offered by the supplier and pay monthly only for the drugs that they dispense. MinibarRx will pay the physician’s invoices in those situations and take advantage of the early-pay discount.

What if my EMR isn’t listed as one of your integrated EMRs?
MinibarRx is constantly adding to its growing list of integrated EMRs, and while the integration does help to eliminate some data entry of lot number and expiration date, it is not a requirement to use MinibarRx.

What if I use a syringe that doesn’t fit inside a MinibarRx cassette?
MinibarRx is constantly adding to its growing list of supported therapies. While we do support over 90% of all syringe sizes today and all 13 CDC recommended vaccines, let one of our representatives know which therapy you are concerned about, and we will gladly add it to our work list.

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