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3 New Technologies to Improve Productivity at Your Practice

If you work at a medical practice, you know that there’s nothing more valuable—or difficult to find—than time. Between billing, managing inventory, maintaining health records, and overseeing daily operations, it can feel like there’s little time to spend actually caring for patients. And the data proves it. A study published in the Wall Street Journal Read More…

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3 Ways to Increase Adult Vaccination Rates at Your Practice

In the United States, there is an unspoken—and untrue—theory that vaccines are primarily for children. To combat this myth, the CDC publishes annual vaccination recommendations for adults. And yet, adult vaccination coverage remains far lower than it should be. This is why the prevalence of illness attributable to vaccine-preventable diseases is greater among adults than Read More…


Medical-Grade Refrigeration Can Help Reduce Compliance Risk

Not only are compliance professionals charged with maintaining a safe environment of care, they are among those with the most at stake. So when it comes to vaccination and biologics management, the right medical-grade refrigeration and inventory planning is not just fundamental—it’s critical. Despite healthcare being the most heavily regulated industry in the United States, Read More…


MinibarRx™ Announces SMART, Affordable Solution for Vaccine Management

Gaithersburg, MD — MinibarRx announces the limited launch of its dedicated SMART refrigeration system for vaccines and biologics, offering healthcare providers an affordable, cost-saving solution to the challenges commonly associated with storage and handling. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) (2015), “Vaccination is among the most significant public health success stories of all time” (p. 47). And as every provider knows, a successful vaccine program depends on safe storage and handling. As the CDC (2015) points out, “It is better to not vaccinate than to administer a dose of vaccine that has been mishandled” (p. 63). Read More…


SMART Vaccine Storage Solutions

Vaccination is widely recognized as a public health triumph. As an example, the measles vaccine has led to a greater than 99% reduction in cases of this highly contagious virus. Still, a study by the Office of Inspector General (OIG) points to reasons for concern in vaccine programs and practices. The OIG study (2012) revealed Read More…

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