Why MinibarRX?

Why MinibarRx?

Because you and your patients deserve peace of mind.

Improve Patient Safety

According to the CDC, “it is better to not vaccinate than to administer a dose of vaccine that has been mishandled.”

  • Protect patients from serious illness which can result from mishandled or compromised injectables
  • Avoid the need for revaccinations
  • Receive immediate notifications for recalled or expired vaccines or biologics

Reduce Practice Liability

Regulators are keeping a close eye on vaccine and biologics management. A complete inventory management solution is your best way to meet critical compliance demands.

  • Plan and maintain a complete end-to-end system with enhanced equipment, proper monitoring, and supply chain confidence
  • Evaluate needs, coordinate financial benefits, and solicit the best long-term value
  • Prioritize preventative maintenance
  • Understand and automatically adjust to manufacturer temperature requirements
  • Maintain improved control of assets

Improve Workflow

Our web-connected, mobile-friendly interface provides always-on access to cloud-based tracking, ordering, invoicing, and administration. Full EMR integration gives you automated data entry and patient management, combining inventory control with real-time patient needs.

  • Receive in app, direct-from-manufacturer sales and product information
  • Access a complete inventory view, from any device, including:

    • Current stock
    • Dispensing history
    • Expiring inventory
    • Temperature alerts

Rely on 24/7 Support

From onboarding to installation to zero maintenance fees, we are with you from day one to train your staff and help you make a seamless transition. We will analyze your practice, install, and customize your system to meet your needs. We’ll also provide 24/7 technical support and hardware maintenance.

MinibarRx Helps Practices Increase Profitability

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